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Dubai and UAE Market Insights

Economic Research and Business Development


The Dubai Chamber of Commerce advises Dubai Chambers members, the UAE business community, international investors, government entities, and Dubai Chambers International Offices with the latest economic developments, regulations, economic insights into market prices, economic outlook, market-segments expectations, and business opportunities.

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  • Economic Sectors & Markets
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Which tools and subsidies does the Netherlands provide for entrepreneurs in the UAE

Services for doing business in the UAE

This overview presentation by the Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UAE shows further information on:

  • Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
  • Atradius DSB
  • InvestNL
  • InvestInternational
Economic information & analyses

The Economic Bulletin

A monthly publication that provides updated economic information and analyses on Dubai, UAE, GCC and other relevant markets.

UAE/Dubai macroeconomic variables

Economic Trends

These reports analyze the local, regional and global economic trends and their implications for economic growth and policymaking in Dubai/UAE. These reports focus on studying the UAE/Dubai macroeconomic variables and put forward policy recommendations to stimulate and boost economy.

Main economic sector

Economic Sectors & Markets

These reports analyze the performance of the main economic sectors of Dubai/UAE economies such as real estate and construction, finance and insurance, retail and wholesale trade, transport and telecommunication, tourism and hospitality.

Track changes

Price Indices

Publications that track changes in the prices of different items in Dubai.

Business opportunities

Trade & Investment Opportunities

These reports identify the potential business opportunities in some promising regions of the world. The reports scan Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Asia, Africa, Commonwealth of Independents States (CIS), Latin America regions and the rest of the world for business opportunities.

Essential guides

Dubai Advisor Business Guides

Essential guides for the business community that cover exports, market, and commercial operations.

Untapped export potential

Untapped Export Potential

Brief assessments of the untapped export potential, or export gap, that Dubai traders have in selected commodities and markets.

Business and Tender Opportunities

Business and Tender Opportunities

Here you can find international tender and business opportunities in diverse sectors as well as investment and business opportunities received from Consulates, Embassies and International Chambers.